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Damn cat.

A couple of months ago I made that same awful trip to the vet's. It's a sign of love to not let your pet suffer, and you know you're doing the right thing, but it still hurts.
My sympathies on the loss of your buddy Norman. Your story touched me too. We lost my sweet boy Bengal cat Legion just over a year ago just after his 15th birthday, and I still get emotional if I dwell on remembering his last few months for too long. I say hello to him whenever I pass his grave and try as much as possible to remember all the joy and love he brought into my and so many other lives.

My condolences. Thank you for writing about Norman.

EDIT: I posted the above and saw my avatar pop up. That's Timothy, a big orange cat who was my friend for several years. I miss him.
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Condolences. Tough to lose a member of the family.

We also had a Maine Coon. Terrific cats IMHO. Ours definitely had a personality!!
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Thanks, gents. Your thoughts are well received and the condolences sincerely appreciated and have been passed on to the family.

Weird couple days. Put away the food dish that isn't needed, and both our other cats took turns visiting the spot were we buried that old varmint. Mentally I know it's because it's freshly turned sod and the marker that wasn't there, but seeing it was kind of strange nonetheless.

Another cat is a strong possibility. They youngest boy has dibs on picking one out, and for reasons I can't begin to understand the name will be "Onion". I guess I should be grateful it's not "Brussel Sprouts" or "Mushroom" or any number of foods he likes, although having a cat named "Pulled Pork", "Sriracha" or "Nutella" would be ok.

I'll see if I can find a suitable picture.
Rest in peace. My best to you and yours - losing a pet can hurt quite a bit. I remember when one of mine went to the vet for a cough and died within 30 minutes (he went from a cough to stopping breathing all of a sudden) . . . I still miss him.
Sorry for your loss. RIP Norman.
We have a Maine Coon too. They are a very special breed. Missy is quite large, but not as large as the one pictured.


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