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Daily Shavers. Have A Weekly Routine?

It varies based on a number of factors such as weather, season, mood. This is why I love wet shaving there are so many combinations in my dailry routine of shaving!
Four brushes in order, four soaps in random order.
Two Techs, a Goodwill OC, a GEM Clog-Pruf, a Schick Krona, a Schick "G" Injector, a Parker 82R, a brass Trac II from a garage sale set and a Fusion from 5 or 6 years ago that I have not used 5 carts in. Too dang expensive. SE and DE razors in random depending on mood. The Trac II is new to me and I may use it tomorrow with Publix by Personna blade. The Schick injector alternates between Chinese Schick and Personna 74. GEM has GEM by Personna from Walgreen's. DE's use Feather or Wilkinson depending on the aggresiveness of the razor. And occasionaly when I'm in a hurry and don't need a good shave I drag out the Norelco.

Getting DFS and very happy. Not trying for BBS on a 70 YO sun and wind burned face.
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