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Daily Driver?

Hey guys,

I'm a guy who uses a pen every day, for multiple tasks, including work (every good firefighter carries a pen), keeping track of my orders/shipments, scribbling, doodling, and brainstorming. I know we all hate these threads, but I'm just looking for a bit of direction in terms of a very good quality, understated and reliable (maybe a bit of quiet internal bragging rights) pen. It would have to be something tough and somewhat masculine...I'm assuming a fountain pen wouldn't be ideal.

So, in my position, where would you guys look?

Maybe just go with a clicker type pen like a Parker Jotter with a ball point or rollerball (my preference) refill. There's an all stainless version that looks nice and should be pretty tough. Write in the Rain also makes a black "tactical" clicker pen that uses Space Pen refills (pressurized to write upside down, under water, etc.).

Don't totally rule out fountain pens...nothing in your requirements would knock them out of the running. There are many fountain pens that are just as tough (if not more so) than ballpoints/rollerballs.
I cant use a FP at work either. The pen I use there is a Parker like this with a gel ink refill. Nice weight and feel.

I have a few rollerballs and ballpoints for this purpose - Retro 51 Tornado, Caran d'Ache, and a couple of Parker Jotters. The Tornado is a bit bulky and heavy - it can probably double as a skull-cracker if you need such a thing. The Jotter is a bit more understated and still very sturdy. I sometimes find them difficult to grip, but I really like their classic look.

David, I really like the looks of that Parker. Thanks for posting it.
I really like the look of the Parker, and the Caran d'Ache 849 has caught my eye. Thanks for all of the input guys! Keep the recs coming. :)
Even comes in fire engine red


Goldspot has these from MonteVerde, always liked the looks of them, this and the Parker above I almost bought for work, untill I met the parker 51 that is
Ok, so I've been looking up multiple options/brands, and I'm starting to think if I just use a more basic one at work, and treat myself every other time, there are a few that look really promising. I'm loving the look of Waterman Carène Rollerball (Black), multiple Sailor rollerballs, and it seems every Nakaya and Namiki...
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My daily driver is a 78 911SC........

But more seriously

I carry a FP every day, I dont have any issues with it but im sure I dont see as much action as you do. It sounds like ball point is the place to be for you. There are many options in this department. I have a Parker I quite like although it sees little use. Does the pen have to be fire resistant in any way? If that is the case I would try and stick to something as metal as possible.

Dave, thanks for the reply. Technically, if I were to carry the pen, it would be "theoretically" pulled out of my pants pocket, ad stuffed in my station boots when I hop into my bunker gear. But, very often, the pen drops into the deep, dark corner and is left there while I throw my gear on. So, waterproof, durable and reliable are my big concerns, but I'm starting to lean towards treating myself with my "non-work" pen, an using this as a daily driver away from the job.
From what you described here I would say fountain pen is more or less out. If its being dropped and tossed around you may have leak issues. In that case the world of ball-points is vast so I would say what ever looks good and feels good to you is worth it. If you are thinking about getting a second pen for home that is a whole different conversation.



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My two daily drivers are a Parker51 from 1947 and an M200. Both are extremely reliable and have great ink capacity. For toughness, I think the nod goes to the 51. You can find Parker 51s with the aerometric fillers pretty easy (mine is Vacumatic- they generally require a replacement of the diaphram), and the sacs in the fillers are tough as nails. Short of sticking a pin in the sac, they are pretty indestructible.
I always carry a Pilot 78G, but my "work" pens are a Parker Jotter and an Urban.

The 78G for non-carbon paperwork and the BPs for everything else like writing on thermal paper, carbon forms, etc.
Even comes in fire engine red

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Goldspot has these from MonteVerde, always liked the looks of them, this and the Parker above I almost bought for work, untill I met the parker 51 that is
The paint peeled off of both of my Monteverde pens. Everything else about them has been fantastic though. They need to rethink their paint choices.
the one I had was a lacquer coated carbon fiber,.. so I never had that issue,.. you should let them know, I bet they take care of it for you
The first time it happened they sent me a new one right away. It peeled too though. I didn't ask them to correct it twice.
They have fantastic customer service.
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