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Daily/casual belt - recommendations?

I'm looking for a quality brown belt for daily wear with jeans or shorts. I've been looking at the Belt Man's belts, especially since he's local to me. But I don't carry, and am concerned that the extra thickness of his belts may make it harder to use my cell phone carrier.

Any other suggestions? Any good local stores in the Triangle area (NC) to pick up something?
I wear a carry belt with jeans all the time and have had no problems, but the clips on cell phone carriers do vary so it would be best if you can try before you buy.

That said, I'm sure I'll have the belt much longer than the phone and phone holsters are not as expensive as a good belt.
I had a great experience ordering from leathergoodsconnection.com . The two belts that I ordered have been excellent.
I just ordered a belt from http://www.henrysshoerepair.com/Harness Tan Moosehide Belts.html
I couldn't be happier. The guy that started the business is no longer with us, apparently, but the belts are still of the highest quality. It's a very thick rugged belt that looks like it's going to last forever. Oddly, mine had about 2 inches of extra length at the end that I had a local shoe repairman remove. The holes were perfectly placed otherwise. I ordered mine in the 1 1/4 size so it would look a little more dressy.
I have purchased a couple Bison brand belts and they are very good quality and have lasted a long time. I purchased them from REI but they have a website as well.
Thanks for the links. I ended up finding a cheap Columbia belt locally to hold my pants up, but I do still plan on ordering something nicer soon.

And Mike'sWorld answered another belt question I had - getting belt resized. I have some nice belts from my late father that are too long for me. I knew new holes weren't a problem, but I'll check with a local cobbler to see about getting them cut down.
I'll check with a local cobbler to see about getting them cut down.
My cobbler handles all my leather work, I regularly take my boots to him for resoling and new heels. He operates out of a mall kiosk, of all places, and speaks barely understandable English. When I showed him the belt I wanted cut down he charged me $5. I got the impression this would only take him a few seconds to accomplish. His work is of top quality and I dread the day he decides to retire.
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