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    what is your daily beard care consist of? Do you start with a rinse or a wash in the morning? How often do you shampoo and/or condition? Do you use oil or balm, or both? Is it possible to overdo it with various techniques.
  1. I wash my moustache daily, when I'm washing my face. I have been growing it for months, without cutting it. So while a small area, it somewhat equates to a beard. I've also wore a beard a great part of my life. I also use oil and balm on it daily, but don't condition it. I would condition a beard though.

    You can overdo anything, people have died from drinking too much water. Just go by how it is feeling/looking. Dry and dull needs conditioning, oily and greasy needs less, or more frequent washings. Dry skin? More Oil. They penetrate to the skin the best.
  2. I put beard oil in mine and brush it daily. I only shampoo it twice a week and I use an actual beard shampoo. You don want to use a normal shampoo on your beard that is intended for your head because its too harsh and will strip too much of the oil from your beard and skin.
    Right now mine is kind of short but when its longer I use a balm instead of an oil because I like the hold of a balm. Its more a matter of personal preference though and a matter of how much hold you want or need.
    I used a conditioner when I first started growing a beard but dont anymore because I feel like its kind of not needed. Beard oils and balms act like a leave-in conditioner (they either hydrate the skin or the beard hairs), so I feel like using a beard conditioner is overkill and unnecessary. Some like using it though.
  3. I use beard wash every day. Mad viking makes one that says u can use it daily. I condition every 2-3 days with bossman stagecoach conditioner. I use balm and oil after shower and thats really it unless my fiance and I go on a date then I will add a little more balm to smooth out the beard.
  4. Most say you shouldnt wash your beard every day because it strips too much of the oil. I tried washing mine every day for a while and it did seem to dry it out. Now, I co-wash it every day (wash it with a conditioner) and only wash it a couple times a week.
    I use Grave Before Shave beard wash and conditioner.
  5. Mad viking shampoo says its gentle enough to use on the beard every day. I wash every day and have an ultra soft beard. I use the mad viking shampoo not beard wash.
  6. Everyone's hair and face requirements vary, but I use a beard wash every other morning and apply either an oil or balm (but never both) most days. It is definitely possible to overdue it.
  7. Beard is something need care! I usually wash my beard 3 to 4 times a day at a different time period, just they do look clean... I don't like to use heavy cosmetics on my beard just simple shampoo every 2 or 3 days!
  8. I rinse my beard everyday with cold water and use a bar of beard soap once or twice a week. I use beard oil at a minimum everyday and depending on either outdoor temps and/or the length of my beard, at times I use a beard balm. I usually trim my beard once a week or so and typically trim my stache just above my upper lip every couple days.
  9. I'm fairly new to the beard care world - what's a good plan for a short (2 guard trimmed) beard? Beard oil/balm? I've been using some fancy shampoo/conditioner that my wife bought recently and it seems to be better than my general use body wash. I'm not sure that it's long enough for extra products to make a difference?
  10. That is too short for needing anything. Id just wash thats all.
  11. +1
  12. You could use a beard oil to prevent it from itching. You could use a balm if you wanted too but oil should be just fine. Balm is usually more for when you have a longer beard that needs a bit of hold and styling to manage it.

    I disagree. A beard of just about any length can cause beard itch because the hairs draw the moisture out of your skin and you need something to restore the moisture to your skin.
  13. With a number 2 guard you skin will produce enough oil to keep it fine. If u use oil or balm you can be putting too much oil on your skin which can cause all sorts of problems. I used to keep mine at a number 2 guard. Its really too short to need anything. If you do use oil for the scent I wouldnt use it very often. It can cause the skin to break out.
  14. Thanks for the pointers! Seems that the shampoo/conditioner I've been using has worked pretty well so far. No real itch and it doesn't bug me when my face hits the pillow. This is the longest time period I've been with a beard. I let it get to a couple ticks less than an inch (+/-) and I didn't want to go full on giant beard going into summer. 2 guard is thick enough and looks ok.
  15. I dont know about that. I used to maintain a stubble beard and even then it would itch from time to time, especially during the winter months. Now I have a much longer beard, use beard balm, beard oil, beard wash and beard conditioner and theres no itch and no skin issues.
    Thats just me though. If someone else out there has a stubble beard and doesnt have any itch, then they probably dont need any products.

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