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Dad's Favre-Leube

When each of my older brothers turned 50, my father passed on to them one of his father's watches--Pop had friends in the jewelry business, so he had some pretty nice pieces: A Patek-Phillipe and a Vacheron that went to my brothers, and alas, a lovely Tiffany that seems to be forever lost or stolen.

Though my dad didn't make it to my 50th, my family passed on this Favre-Leube to me, a posthumous gift, along with an initialed set of cufflinks that my father favored. (My father was a very dapper dresser--verging on a dandy.)

This lousy picture doesn't do it justice; it's a very handsome watch, with just a faint scratch marring the crystal. The face is remarkably clean and clear, and the case looks good; the back is gold. I don't know anything about the F-L marque, but it's certainly a lovely piece, and far more cherished in sentiment than for any intrinsic value.
Thanks for sharing. It touched me. I turned 50 this year as well. My own Father died four years ago. Recently my sisters gave me an engraved pocket watch that I gave to my father some years before he passed.
All you guys that still have your Dad around please love him, and work out any differences while you still can. Sorry if I'm hijacking this thread. :redface:
Nice watch.