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Da Vinci Uomo travel brush

Anyone use this brush? I'm thinking about getting it but need more reviews on it.

My concern is its pricy and not sure if it actually dries while traveling. It's a silvertip.

Also, if it gets lost or stolen, I will get upset.

Yes, I have it. It is a nice, smallish travel brush, I like the sleek thin size, fits anywhere and is in its own travel case.
I have in the mean time changed to a synthetic brush, as they need not to be taken out after use and dried like a badger.
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Thanks for your reply. I'm also on the fence on getting a badger and going with synthetic because of drying issues.
I've wanted one of the da Vinci brushes for quite a while, a 290 preferably. It's not only with Uomo, but it seems like all the so-called travel brushes are tiny. I think I'd be happier just taking one of my synthetics along with a travel tube of some sort and several companies offer those.
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