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D.R. Harris

I emailed D.R. Harris's online store explaining that I intended to place a large (to me) order for pretty much the full line of Arlington products because of it's great reputation. Since I haven't actually smelled it yet, I was hoping to get a sample to make sure the scent would work for me. Not only did they not accommodate, they didn't even respond to the request. Is that normal?
I asked them for samples also. They told me they do not give out samples but might in the future. whatever that means.:confused:
There seems to be a pretty clear distinction between the companies that respond immediately to a request and those that never bother. I haven't tried Harris, but don't give up yet. If they have a customer service number listed, give them a call. Sometimes it works better when you get a person on the other end.
I mailed drharris on sales at drharris.co.uk about a tracking number for my parcel and got a reply the same day.

(The rest of the story is that the parcel had somehow wound up in Italy, but it did reach finally reach me)
I emailed them as well with no response. I am in the same boat, I would like to have a single line of all the same products and would be willing to drop a bit on a whole shmear, but not without at least sampling it to make sure I like it. You would think that a few samples would be worth it for something so many people seem to enjoy.
I can understand why companies do not hand out samples.Not only is it costly but very time consuming. Many of these companies are small and do not have the time or resources to devote to these requests. And face it, there are a lot of people who are not going to buy, just want some free stuff. You can always make a small purchase of the product to see what it is like.
I also emailed them (twice) asking if the had a "sample package" FOR SALE, and no reply either....and that, in my book, is not polite or commercial at all....
I've got a tube of Arlington cream. I wish I had a small container, cause I'd send you some.

It's got a very light citrusy smell. Kinda lemon/lime, but really soft. I like it, but I like Proraso far too much to even put the Arlington in my rotation.
I like Arlington, too. All I have is a cake of soap. If you like citrus-based scents, you'll probably enjoy it.
I'm partial to samples, too. Most of the favs around here are from companies I had never heard of. No way are any of them available locally, so I've had to rely on the generous samples I've gotten from vendors. Buying fragrances based on scent descriptions is a terrific way to be disappointed, there's no substitute for trying it yourself a few times.
I like neroli scents and saw the Castle Forbes "Limited Edition" on Vintage Blades (at $199/bottle). I wrote and asked for a sample and was surprised to learn they had never smelled it themselves! I know zip about Castle Forbes, but I can't imagine anyone shelling out that much coin for something they couldn't sample. I had just assumed something like that would be accompanied with sample straws.
I also emailed them (twice) asking if the had a "sample package" FOR SALE, and no reply either....and that, in my book, is not polite or commercial at all....

Yeah, I offered to pay several times in my email as well. I wasn't asking for anything free.

Paul, shoot me your address and I'll send you a sample on the house.

Tremendous offer! Thanks a million, and PM sent! :w00t:
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