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D.R. Harris Windsor aftershave splash - any reviews or comments?

Is this stuff too new for anyone to have tried it yet? I searched but did not find any reviews. I like Arlington a lot, and was wondering how this new Windsor stuff compares. I guess I'm also wondering how Windsor might compare to the Marlborough splash and to Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet splash (I haven't tried either of those). Has anyone out there tried all of these? Willing to share your thoughts?
I have the new Windsor Aftershave splash and love it. It has a spicy note to it that I like. Have not tried the others you mentioned, so cannot compare. If you email D.R Harris, they will likely send you some samples of the fragrance. At least they were when it was first released.
I found it VERY similar to Molton Brown Fresh Bushukan Citrus Splash, if you've ever smelled that. Since I picked up some of that at Marshalls recently, I didn't see the need to get the Windsor. I'll definitely be keeping one or the other around for a long time.
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