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Czech & Speake no.88

Well I think thats probably the most original review about anything that I have ever read!

Makes me want to try it!
WOW Well writen !! I wanted it to keep going.

I was curious about the scent of this cologne yesterday. That is good timing.

Quote - scotto - "That being said, do try a sample first - this is a love-it or hate-it, powerful, in your face scent that can be difficult to pull off."

You going to decant this stuff?
pitbulls20 said:
WOW Well writen !! I wanted it to keep going.

I was curious about the scent of this cologne yesterday. That is good timing.

Quote - scotto - "That being said, do try a sample first - this is a love-it or hate-it, powerful, in your face scent that can be difficult to pull off."

You going to decant this stuff?
Alas, I just have a decant myself. Perhaps later in time.
My wife absolutely ADORES this scent.

It's definitely coming in for a purchase (but not until I use up my decant).

My wife is indifferent about most everything I wear, so when I get the thumbs-up I better move fast! :biggrin:
Wow! What a review. I've got to try some of this stuff!!

I emailed them about a sample but if anyone here is willing to share a few drops, do speak up. :wink:

I get the allusion towards the Vampires and all, but that did not help me since I am not really into the Gothic things.

How does this scent compare to say, Trumper's ot T&H Rose?

How about say, compared to Elizabethan Rose from Penhaligon's?

I adore the Rose scents, but I am curious to see what other overtones are present in the scent.

Joedy, it is quite a complex scent, and one I find difficult to describe without allegory. I would say it is a very true rose scent, much more so than things like Elizabethan Rose and the shave cream scents, which are blended with other things. There are also other very unusual elements that are blended with such subtlety that it is hard to describe. You really must smell it to understand it. Sorry to be so obtuse....
Is there anymore feedback on this scent, as all the Decant's now appear to be out on it?

Is anyone willing to decant a small tester of it?
I was able to get a scent card of this cologne from a fellow B&B member.

Here are my initial impressions:

Somewhat "grungy" and wet-earth scent. Scotto mentioned flowers, but I would consider the aroma more inline with a big pile of cut flowers placed in a stack and allowed to fermentate for a day, with perhaps a light rain shower applied to it overnight.

The grungy sensation might be from the slight decay or breakdown of the flowers, but enough of the floral scent remains in it that makes you relate to the sense that this is an organic scent and not an animal scent.

If you find that you disagree with Patchoui essential oil (which I find very much disagreeable and which I finds reminds me of a unshaven, unbathed "Hippie Comune"), this scent might very well be borderline to your tastes.

While I will endeavor to purchase a decant of it (( please let me know if you'd like to sell your decant )) , I don't anticipate purchasing a bottle of it without a few days of actually wearing it.

The black bottle color for this cologne is very fitting since the implied scent is not a bright, upbeat, or tart scent associated with bright spring or summer days. While I could see wearing it as an evening scent, I don't see myself wearing this daily to work.

These are just my impressions. I was eager to smell this scent since I adore the Rose scents. While I do, indeed, smell a rose scent in this cologne, it is fleeting and ephemeral.

Scotto says that Vampires might wear this scent, but I digress; I think that Vampires might well smell this way naturally.

This is very much a unique scent.


Keep in mind it will smell different on skin. Thanks for your description. I have been toying with getting a bottle of this to decant, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Please consider decanting this scent. I don't know if it will get voted again next month, but I'd like to get a decant of it.

I've been continuing to smell this card all day, thinking to myself, "I've smelled this before... somewhere. I know it, I just can't remember where."

Later in the day, it finally dawned on me.

If you've ever been to a Magic store (a real Magic store, not the kind where you can find the all important novelities such as rubber dog poop and the ever-so-useful whistle-in-the-tailpipe gag... but a real Magic store where the serious amateurs and the professionals alike come to share tales, and to do all of the mysterious things that Magicians are apt to do in the company of one another), this scent is a dead ringer for almost all of the Magic stores that I've been to.

If you're in northern VA, you can stop by Al's Magic Shop in NW DC. The scent in the shop... a mixture of exotic incense, strange prop devices and fabrics that appear to have been made for long passed kings... all blend together to provide a sense of hightened alert, dark passageways and the lingering sweet smell of a exiting breeze from the room.

You can be assured that almost NO ONE that you encounter will be wearing this scent... or for that matter, something even close to it.

Here's some additional information directly from Mitch from www.shoplondons.com concerning C&S.

They are currently shutting down production of their colognes and perfumes in Italy and will be starting up production of their signature scents in England. Mitch seems to think that it will be a particular manufacturer, but that is yet to be seen. It just so happens that C&S 88 is his favorite cologne and it is something that he is eager to carry in his store. This fall, he will meet with C&S to see if there is anyway that he can become an authorized dealer of C&S products once new production has been started. According to Mitch, very little (if any) C&S products are being shipped to the USA right now. He thinks that existing stock is being sold and once that is depleted, everyone will have to wait for new production stock to be made. This seems to jive with the response that I received from C&S concerning samples, "We are currently out of samples, but expect to have some new ones after the first of the year."

At any rate, please let me know if you have a decant and would be willing to part with it. I am very much eager to wear this scent and to see how it changes on me.

I got a Decant of this from a Gentleman on Basenotes recently.

Its a nice scent, but I've failed to see the masculine quality of this scent that gets continual praise. While it isn't necessarily feminine, it is very floral, and the rose scent is undeniable.

It does smell good, just not something that I would really classify as masculine.
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