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Cyril Salter Cream

Who here likes and uses Cyril Salter creams? What’s your experience like with it? I’ve noticed from viewing shave of the day posts that it doesn’t seem to be that commonly used. I have used one of their scents, the Lime and found it to be very good. At least as good as TOBS products. I’m contemplating getting some of the Wild Rose scent just for the fun of it.
All replies much welcomed!
I tried all of them and they are really good for a nice price. I've come to prefer ordering in the months that are somewhat colder as I have experienced that in great heat depending on transport situations they become rather liquid.
I had a jar of Vetiver and Iiked it a lot, but it required a good airing. The Vetiver component tends to an unpleasant fume when kept under a lid for a long time. I observed the same with Mike's Vetiver.

Its pretty good stuff, I will probably buy it again at some point.
FWIW, my tub of Cyrus Salter rose cream is excellent, good example of Creighton shave cream.

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Hi razorhead63. I think Cyril Salter creams are excellent. I actually used a Salter cream before I tried TOBS and overall I prefer Salter. I find the creams really easy to lather and only need to use a tiny amount.

The Wild Rose is superb. It's a realistic rose scent and one of my favourite creams to use because of it. It performs as well as the others I own, which are Indian Sandalwood, French Vetiver and Fresh Mint.

I will definitely be trying Sublime Citrus at some point.
I believe I’m going to get some of the Wild Rose scent. I haven’t bought a higher end English cream for awhile so it’s about time! I still have some TOBS Sandalwood that I’m finishing up on and the Arko and Palmolive cream I’ve been using. There’s also the barely used puck of Proraso Sandalwood soap that I’m ready to revisit. Thanks for the info guys. Man I love this hobby, never a boring moment!

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