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Cycling 2018

Not riding today ... Going to re-setup my Zwifting area though. Aiming for 300 miles in January
17.3 dreary miles. Did bag a couple of PRs on the NW wind on the way home, though!
59/90%/NW13/heavy mist
Glad I went!
This will be the year of climbing for me. I have always averted any significant climbing. This will be the year of the mountain goat!
Fell short of my 2017 annual mileage total by about 350 miles, sat in NYD thinking i should ride... yesterday pretty much the same, to-day i drove down from Scotland to Yorkshire and tomorrow the weather has forecast 80+ MPH winds.

I'm sat waiting for a NOS Slim adjustable so i can have my first 2018 shave meanwhile my 2018 mileage total is slipping by already.
I'm sat waiting for a NOS Slim adjustable so i can have my first 2018 shave meanwhile my 2018 mileage total is slipping by already.
Mine too ... Posted this thread and have been struggling through some sinus issues since. Hope to get a Zwift ride in tomorrow
The dream is to start using the recumbent trike I purchased and only used enough to breakin back in 2006. That year I started moving my household, and parents household too, to Atlanta. My boss promised me far better roads than California; proved true for the car, I got a great golf community for my Dad and I to play (never happened before bad health in the family stole that dream) and the community has lovely routes through the subdivision for walking / bicycle riding.

Even If I only get started sometime this month or next (after the cold snap passes over) it will be far better than recently before. But I'd like to get back to the 500 miles+ a month "back in the day" (I'll have to start conditioning my night riding light batteries to make it possible to have those over night sessions which can make 'HotLanta' possible as a deep summer outdoor exercise experience.)
... the recumbent trike I purchased ...
After I had an accident, a few years ago, I picked my wife and I up a couple of Catrike Trikes. She has used hers a few times and I have done a couple of 100km rides with mine (559). But living in CA (near LA), riding the trikes on the street just scare the $%^% out of me.
Yeah, driving round LA is bad enough....

I was over there last year, rode from SF down the Bug Sur to San Diego. Stopped off near Malibu and went to a Deli / grocers next to a Starbucks After the ride we went back to LA and I spent the week cycling back up to this Deli

Stunning food, great store and helpful staff. The only thing that place was missing was a great barbers shop right next door.
Also being a great foodie I’d just like to add Davy Jones Locker to the Deli list, cycled from SF round Sausalito to Tiburon, DJl was beside the freeway out of Sausalito.

It’s currently lagging it down outside, dark windy and cold, my winter bike is sat waiting to be ridden. The good news is my new nose hair trimmer just landed on the mat and I’m plucking up the courage to ram it up my nostril.
Was thinking I'd stay inside this evening, but went out. Brrrisk! Temp went from 58 to 55 as soon as the remaining sun got behind the low purple clouds on the horizon, and there was no getting out of the NW wind which the app said was blowing 16, but must have been gusting 25+. Did my usual 17.3 mile ride. Easy miles coming back home S and E. The storm heading up the East coast has some energy.
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13 miles ... head cold is improving, but congestion is worse ... just trying to keep piling up miles
13 miles ... head cold is improving, but congestion is worse ... just trying to keep piling up miles
I would be careful about "just piling up miles". Depending on your goals - losing weight, gaining fitness, climbing better, longer/faster etc - cycling training works best when set goals are in place along with appropriate workouts. A simple investment that's helped me is a heart rate monitor (that syncs with my Garmin). Knowing my resting heart rate and max threshold, I can easily tailor my rides (using heart rate zones) to help me reach my goals - Gran Fondos, centuries, Cycle Oregon, etc.
Anyway, just a little fyi :sailor:
Guess 2018 will be a cycling year. Registered for Whiskey Off-Road in Prescott, AZ in April. I have a cousin who has been asking us to come out and ride. Doing the 50 Proof. Check the website for the elevation map! It's going to be a challenge. I cycled at altitude in Park City in 2015 and suffered on the climb.

So I had to go out tonight! I got back to the house after 26.9 miles and thought about the climb out of Skull Valley. That 12.5 mile climb doesn't start until 27.5 miles. I went four more for an even 30! 72/71%/SE4.
15 miles today ... Up Leith Hill on Zwift for the first time today.

In the middle of the climb, there's a section where the gradient hits 10% and it feels like it never changes, or gets worse, and you want to die ... but if you keep pedaling, you're rewarded with a 12% kicker in the last 200 meters ... it's a real pants load of fun ... :blink:
30.5 road bike miles tonight. 79/67%/NE7 (yeah...pretty ideal around sunset). Still finishing in the dark, but definitely lighter longer.

I have SPD shoes, cleats, and pedals coming. Contemplating clipping in for the Whiskey, though I see in videos that many amateurs go with platform pedals. There are plenty of forest road sections where connecting to the pedal may help with the climbing. It's the rock garden stuff that has me worried about clipping in.
12.1 road bike miles. Three quick laps around the golf course. First time I’ve had a guy right turn in front of me, across the bike lane. Otherwise nice ride before the cold front tonight.