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CVS Injector Blades



I have an Injector razor that I use once in a while (though it's not my regular razor).

I used it with a new CVS blade yesterday, and was really disappointed. It cut OK, but my face felt pretty beat up when I was done.

It was a huge relief to go back to my DE today !!

Anybody else found the CVS (which I understand are made by American Safety Razor) to be crappy?

Any regular Injector users out there? Are the Schick blades better? If so, what's the best source?

Any information appreciated. I feel as if I'm selling my Injector short with these blades.

Thanks all.

--- David
I also found the CVS blades to be not so great.

Would also be glad to hear of a source for the schicks, which I hear are much better.

What I really want to know about at the Dogs Bollocks ones though. Every time they get mentioned, someone says that the Gem style DBs are great (looking forward to getting mine), so the injectors should be just as good. Has anyone actually USED the injectors though? Just because the box looks just like the CVS version, so I am hoping for some personal experience stating that the blades really are spiffy just like the Gem style from the same source.
I've had decent luck with the CVS injector blades. Not as close as my DEs, but no nicks, cuts, weepers, burn, or any irritation at all. I know most others think poorly of these blades, so maybe I just got a good package.
Maybe you'll still see this...
I had bad results from my first CVS injector blades. Very rough on my face in the old 1940s bakelite handle. I'm going to try it again tonight but I ordered some Schick blades from drugstore.com just in case.

I recently went on a two week stint solely using an older shick injector with CVS blades. My overall impression was that they worked but near as sharp as using a de feather blade. That said, I thought the results were good in that I had reasonably close shaves with no irritation.


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The CVS blades are passable, at best. Very harsh on me. When I tried the Schick blades, I threw out the generics.
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