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CVS discontinuing vintage blades?

About a month ago, whilst picking up blades for my injector at CVS (their 11-count blade dispenser is a bargain!), I noticed they had changed their packaging on some of the vintage blades & put them on sale. To me it looked like they were shooting some life into the old product lines.

Yesterday, I was back at the same CVS and the injector blades were HALF PRICE (usually about $4.19) because they were being DISCONTINUED.

Anyone know anything about this? I shop at a CVS in Santa Monica, CA...just curious if it was my area or nationwide. I emailed CVS with a query, too....it'd be shame to see these go...

ps--although the other vintage blades were on sale, I did not notice if they had the discontinued sign on them--I tend to have a one-track mind when it comes to my injectors :)
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