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Cutting Natural Stones

Does anyone provide a service to cut natural stones? I have a few large Japanese whetstones that I may want to cut. I heard about Howard. Is there anyone else? Thanks.
ChrisL -- a member over at SRP -- was cutting Chinese 12Ks a few months ago because he wanted narrow one, he also sold slurry stones cut from them. Maybe check over there?
Could a diamond wet saw be used? There are probably a lot of people on the forum who have one or access to one for tile work.
A diamond saw will definitely cut through any natural whetstone material. I wouldn't hesitate to pass a coticle through it (horrors!). I also cannot imagine why it shouldn't go through the Chinese 12K stones.

I still have a small one in the shop from the time I installed tile floors and it often serves admirably for chewing through bits of marble, Belgian blue stone, etc.

Do be advised that cutting speed is slow with a diamond saw and the noise of diamond blade on stone is not so pleasant to others in the area. :eek:

The only down side of this is the purchase price of the saw. It doesn't make economic sense for only a few cuts.
Have a look in places where they make granite kitchen work tops. They are quite common (at least here in UK) and because of the thickness of material they have either large diamond or water saws.
I had a nice 6" x 1" travel stone but it broke so I'm going to cut a larger stone into the same dimensions.
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