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Cutting Back on Post Shave Routine

I found that my post shave routine was becoming pretty involved. First I use alum, then after I've wiped up the sink, I rinse it off, then I use Afta. After I've eaten breakfast, I splash on some Osage Rub quickly followed by my AS, usually Aqua Velva (I found that the Osage helps intensify the AV's menthol 5 fold! It's a really good combo).

I have been leaving out the Afta the last couple of days and just using the alum, Osage and AV. My skin doesn't seem to feel any the worse for wear. It seems the Aqua Velva's healing properties are sufficient on their own, at least in the summer when my skin isn't so dry. I imagine I'll still need it in winter.

Obviously, any step that I can cut out without lessening the outcome is a good thing-- I have to believe the less chemicals and cremes you put on, the better for our skin overall.

I'm not suggesting minimalism is best here-- my skin definitely needs "something" after scraping it with a sharp blade for 20 minutes or so-- I'm just wondering what the "least help" is for most people.
All I ever do is styptic if I have a weeper (VERY rare nowadays), and a good splash of Captain's Choice CO9T. No other balms needed, but of course everyone's skin is different.
I don't NEED alum but I really like it! After I rinse that off I throw on something that stings! Anything from AV to Cat 'O nine tails. If I'm in the mood to wonder if my face is on fire or freezing, I use Stirling Lemon Chill. I've tried balms but they just don't give me the feel I'm after.

I avoid any products with alcohol as I have dry skin, I use the CVS generic of NIVEA sensitive skin after shave balm, use a generous amount and that's it. I used to use creams but stopped doing that though in the winter that might change on occasion.

I've been considering dropping the alum, especially since I've been getting better overall shaves that aren't as irritating. The part I'm struggling with is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Still not a big deal to go back if I don't like it without.

Other than alum, it's AS and a balm. Those aren't going anywhere!
For me post-shave is easy: Hot facecloth, Witch Hazel and if my skin is dry, a bit of coconut oil. Simple and quick. I am scent sensitive...so I don't use aftershaves.
Rinse thoroughly warm, then rinse with cold. Follow with Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic. When the LT has dried, apply splash/balm du jour.

Good to go!
When I first started my return to a de razor I used witch hazel. After a couple of weeks I switched to alum and got much better results with it. But, alum, as we know is very drying even though it's healing. So, a balm was necessary (because I live in Chicago and it was winter when I first started this!).

So after that the Afta needed some help in the fragrance department and voila! I now had a very involved post-shave routine!

I'm still at a point where I need the alum to soothe my skin, so for now that stays. The after shave stays... and the Osage for when I need menthol, which is all summer. But, that's summer only.
A lot of us do the long, involved stuff because we have the time and enjoy the ritual, but when short on time I find that just a moisturizing AS balm is perfectly fine.
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