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Cut-throat or slaughter ?

first, i dont use cut-throat razor just a normal safety razor but when it comes to shaving the front of my neck i can see my jugular vein just beneth the skin specially when i strech.

I've heard the skin is a tough organ but how safe is running safety razor down your neck with a major blood vessel visible?

any one ever got slaugtered this way?
Well, I can only imagine that sometime in history someone has been killed this way - by someone else. I seriously doubt anyone has ever killed themself. I do sort of suspect that it is maybe not the jugular that you are seeing anyway, or at most on of the more minor jugulars, not the one that would kill you in a big hurry if you sliced it (you have to go through some muscle to get to that).
Seems like we used to have a guy here with that same concern. He got an adjustable razor...don't believe we've seen him since...

Well, one never knows, does one? I don't believe that the safety razor was Jack the Rippers tool of choice, but it you load a Merkur Slant Bar with a nice fresh Feather Hi Steel and head off to Whitechapel in the evening.... Hmmm...:scared:
Even a single-blade disposable BIC can cause musch bleeding in the wrong hands.

I still shudder to think of the carnage that yellow and white plastic implement of bloodletting done to my face on a many of my travels....ugh!
but that yellow and white plastic is still popular even though loads of guys may cut there face, i see it in all the pharmacies i go into (havent seen them in Boots) or does it not tear up everyones faces but only some peoples faces?

I tried bic sensitive, they're ok. used one blade 3 times no cuts or nics.
I tried one of these things about two years ago. Not a fun experience. As I recall it was always clogging up on me. I'm amazed at how DEs stay clog free.
jduffy said:
I tried one of these things about two years ago. Not a fun experience. As I recall it was always clogging up on me. I'm amazed at how DEs stay clog free.

You got clogging with a cut-throat razor? Wow, never heard of that one before. :)
A straight can get gunked up enough to need a fingertip wiping sometimes. I found that only happens if I shave in the evenings and forget to wash my face prior to shaving.

If your cream doesn't lubricate well, and your razor develops "sludge", then it means you need to rinse all the lather off, wash the face thoroughly, and then start over. It's far more comfortable that way then trying to shave with a razor that's getting gunked op every other pass.

Yes, I suffer from very oily skin. Those that need lotion to keep their skin moist are the lucky ones.....
That's not the jugular, that's a muscle and tendon.

Unless you use a slicing motion you're unlikely to cut yourself very badly. Worst that's every happened to me was a nick about the diameter of a pencil lead just above the corner of my mouth when I was paying attention to the wrong end of the blade. I also caught the lobe of an ear once and left a scratch. Both healed up completely in a few days.

Yes you're unprotected with a straight, but you also have an unobscured view of what you're doing.
It definately does not look like a muscle or tendon. I can tell its a blood vessel, big, round and long - the size of a electric cable.
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