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Cut Resistant Gloves

OK, so the joke goes: "How can you tell the folks who restore straight razors? Their fingertips are covered with Band-Aids."

I know that some wood carvers wear cut resistant gloves. The Kevlar ones look way too bulky, but the less expensive polyethylene/spandex/fiberglass gloves look like they might work.

Does anyone have any positive experience wearing these when restoring straight razors?
I’ve been using a set of Wusthoff cut resistance gloves for the last several years and I’m super happy with their durability. I wear a pair of blue nitrile gloves underneath to keep my hands mostly clean. When the gloves get too soiled, I toss them in the washer and then hang dry them.
Many lessons learned, somehow it takes more than one to properly learn. Now before I start with a razor I tape the edge. When I want access to most of the blade, I use what I would call masking tape, the type made from paper and cut a thin strip, just enough to cover the first 2mm of the edge. Protects the edge, and bonus, it protects the fingers!

Another trick that serves me well is to lay the razor flat on a cork sanding block when hand sanding.
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