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Hello gentlemen,

Today I received a very cool mail call, and it consists of the custom scented soap by OLEO SW. I wanted a soap that completely reminded me of summer for the fast approaching season. So I requested a soap that smelled like the old Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil scent (they were similar) and upon receiving it I smiled as the decal contained my request of the name and something to represent it as well. I must say the smell is pretty spot on, needless to say I'm very excited to lather it up. So without further ado....
How is the performance of their soap?
I personally have not tried it, as I just received it today but everyone I've talked to regarding it pretty much said it was an explosion of lather, but we shall see. I will surely touch back once I've had a shave with it and post a mini review of it here with photos if people are interested.
I tried Oleo Soapworks this morning for the first time. The El Callibero scent is a nice sweet manly cologne type of scent. Made a great lather and first impressions went well, no flaws so if anyone is curious about Oleo give them a shot.
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