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Custom Arko Container ideas?

Thankfully for you, @FarmerTan is already in the thread. He can answer any questions that the numerous threads on this website can't accommodate. You must address him as Sensei, The enlightened one, or your majesty. (Kidding of course, at least partially) .
You forgot "The Big Cheese"
I just received my first stick of Arko, and hadn't thought of putting it in a different container, but I think I might. While I don't mind the scent, it does get a bit pungent in the closed in space of the cabinet, so something I can close off would be good. I've taken a look at suggestions here, and have another one to add...

...health/natural beauty type shops. Anywhere that sells a larger amount of essential oils, base soaps, soap making items, hand cream ingredients, usually sell various containers to put them in, for the hobbyist crafter. They usually sell individual/small packs of items, not just bulk.

(Soap review will be coming eventually, on the soap thread, and an Arko only review on the trying to understand why so many seem to think arko smells bad thread in a few moments)
My friend! Please accept my apologies for laughing at you in another thread! I thought you were trying to be funny!

If you live in the Continental United States I would consider it an honor to send you an unused Arko Stick! Free of charge, just send me your mailing address.

Sincerely, Dave the Tanned Farmer.
Nicely done
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