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Currently... how long will 10 blades last you?

This answer will probably vary wildly. Ten blades will last me about a year. I average about 4 shaves a week, and I get over 20 shaves per blade.
YMMV as razor, number of passes, whether you shave everyday, and most importantly technique play a big factor. When I first started, I was over thinking the blade. Now I am much more comfortable with my technique and it leads to blades lasting much longer.
Most would last 8-10 weeks. If they're Polsilvers, 20-30 weeks. Those things just don't know how to quit. No other blade I've tried comes close to the longevity I get from them.
I used to install a new blade every week, but I've found that I can get down to two blades a month without sacrifice using Astra SP. I suspect that I could do this with other blades as well, but I would have to go back and revisit. The Brazilian Gillette Platinum Plus blades that were available at Walgreens last a month for me, but I think that's exceptional.

So with the Astra SP, five months. But I don't try to get super close with multiple passes.
40 shaves for most of my favorites, 30 shaves for Feathers. Daily shaver but I will skip shaving on weekends if I can get away with it.
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