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Cuban Lunch candy bar. It's back!

The Cuban Lunch candy bar is a Canadian classic. I loved them when I was a kid.
As it turns out, someone has brought them back!
They went out of production almost 30 years ago. Every time a conversation comes up about chocolate I wish I had one. Now I can have my chance.

It's just the best mix of chocolate and peanuts. I've you can track one down, give it a go.



I’m not a fan
Great story. Never heard of the confection but I'd give it a try if I ever come across one.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Um. I'm from Miami.

We don't have that. :001_unsur Sounds like the old "Chunky", but flatter.

Thought this would be about turrone, the Spanish/Cuban Christmas candy which comes in a bar shape.

I remember a Buddy of mine buying one of these once in a while when we were in High school back in the early 80's. We're way out here on the west coast, almost as far west as you can go.
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