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CRSW Glide Recommendations

Been looking at the scents for CRSW Glide base. I've heard a lot of good things about the base, so looking to make a first purchase in the near future. Any recommendations for their scents? I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit in terms I'd scents. Have a lot of woodsy or what you'd consider "manly" scents, few fougere and, surprisingly, only Seville for a barbershop scent. Any scents from that line that they nailed? Not really into food type scents and don't think plain citrus is my thing either.
Fragile Confusion is light but I like it and is the only one from them I've tried. Can't describe it but enjoyable. I considered the Citrus they have but not pulled the trigger yet.
I have Fragile Confusion and Olfactory Hue. Both to my nose are very similar. Regardless, FC gets the nod and is a very delightful scent and inoffensive. Likely the exact profile you’re looking for moving out of the “manly” category, yet it’s not really feminine by any means. Just neutral and pleasant.

On the Select side, American Barbershop is likely my favorite scent I own in a shaving soap. Unlike any other I’ve tried. Very clean smelling, not spicy and not powdery.
I only have the Madmans Bouquet in that base, and the scent is nice. I would describe it as a light floral scent, and it is far from my favorite, but it is definitely not objectionable to me. I use it more for the performance of the Glide base than for the scent.
Sounds like all of their scents are on the light side?

That’s my opinion of the three I’ve tried. Pro tip: the tubs I’ve received in glide are very soft when they show up. They greatly benefit from a week or so in open air to firm up.
Sounds like all of their scents are on the light side?
Too light for me though I really like the performance. I started out with Olfactory Hue and could not sense the scent very well so I tried Madman's Bouquet. That had a little more punch. The description above by @jdp93 is accurate. I next tried Colonia Mediterranea. None of these rang my bell scentwise so at 3 in I stopped buying new ones. I will happily use what I have as the soaps are very pleasant and excellent performers even though they left me feeling that my sense of smell was limited.
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