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Crown King shavette

Looks like a lot too much bare blade handling for my taste. And you only get a DE blade worth of edge versus a true Shavette sized edge.
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Certainly is an ugly rascal, huh? I like the idea of being able to load a whole DE blade. I DON'T like the idea of having to maneuver a whole DE blade worth of shavette around my face, though. It just looks too wide. Sure, it will work. It probably is no better or worse, quality wise, than the ones you get for $3 shipped free from China through that notorious auction site. this one doesn't interest me.

The "Magic Razor" sold for $5.99 at Sallys works for me. Buy in pairs. That way when you snap a DE blade, you have somewhere to put both halves.

If I want to spend $20 on a shavette, I will just spring for a good one instead. This guy probably about a 400% markup on that beast.
These have caught my eye and was wondering if anyone has tried one out and can tell me about the quality of the construction of this shavette.

I have not tried that model, but I like the fact that it has to halves that clasp the blade, and that little hinge that folds over. That holds the DE blade really tight and firm. I have tried one shavette that had this slide mechanism, and I found that it did not hold the blade securely enough so there were terrible vibrations as I shaved.
I have a Parker knock off I got from Amazon called a Classic Samurai. It has the same blade holding mechanism very well held in place. I guess I just got mesmerized by the looks of this shavette. The one I have is all stainless and isn't very pleasing to the eye. I love the beauty of the straights I see on this forum but just don't have the time and money to invest right now someday soon I hope, shavettes just aren't satisfying my thirst.
Looks very similar to the Don Jae QL Series, or perhaps based off one of his earlier designs. I have a QL (Designed to use Feather AC blades:thumbup1:), but the price of those blades (and the annoying clamping screw) has made me sign up for the next batch of these.
Just came across the info on the Crown King, and being one who only uses shavette type straights, this one has really caught my eye. As its out of stock now, I clicked the email when available box and will be looking forward to getting this one. At $20 its about the cost of a Parker which I also have and use. This looks to be an excellent shavette style straight. After reviewing the film on the Crown King, it looks like something really new in shavettes.
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