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Crown King Immortal Peach?

I'm intrigued by this seasonal offering by Crown King but haven't been able to find many online reviews. I'm generally a fan of alot of CK aftershaves including Avo Nice Shave, Neroli planet 9, and Spring Heeled Jack. The thing is I don't want to smell too perfumey or feminine so I'm a little hesitant on the peach. I prefer AS scents that are subtle and don't project to the whole room as soon as I walk in.

Has anyone tried the peach? Is it very "perfumey" or feminine? Does it stay subtle?
To my nose, Immortal Peach smells just like, um, fresh peaches. Not a bit perfumy or feminine. It's one of the least projecting of my many PAA/Crown aftershaves. A perfect summer scent.
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