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Crowe shave kit

Several people asked me to write up a review based on my initial inspection of this kit once I got it in the mail. Well, here we go.

This is the kit empty:



The kit seems well made, the stitching all seems strong from my initial impressions. The overall dimensions are approximately 18"x10.5" give or take on my rough measurements. I have never used a roll up style kit before so I don't know what is common with these and what is not so I'll just mention that which stuck me.

The entire interior of the kit can be unsnapped from the leather backing (not sure what purpose that serves, but it can). Further, the larger bag at the bottom can be unsnapped for those occasions when you need a smaller kit.

When I attempted to load it I realized that unlike the top loaders I had used before, trying to pack several full size bottles/containers just doesn't work with this, it becomes near impossible to roll. Decanting shampoos/liquid soaps/aftershaves/etc. would be very preferable with this bag. Unfortunately the bottles I have on order for that purpose have yet to arrive so I couldn't see how that worked. This is what I did pack in it:


shampoo bottle (250 mL)
a soap dish (non-full size soap would definitely be a plus)
crystal deodorant
C&E travel brush
a shave soap round
Oral-B hummingbird
pack of Derbys

When filled the pack looked as so:



Overall, the bag isn't bad, especially if you are not packing alot. You CAN pack alot in it, but there isn't enough room between the bottom and middle sections to allow it to roll very well into a compact container. I like it especially since I rarely go on trips more than about a 1.5 weeks. Much longer and I'd say a top opening kit or a larger roll kit would be better.

If you have any further questions, I'll see about answering them.

Thank you for the photos. That is a nice travel kit.

One thing, though; could you post a link to where you purchase this, please?

Thank you for such a detailed review. Great information and it looks like a nice kit.

I love your choice of the C&E Travel Brush. I have one and being a beginner it seemed like a good first choice before I invest in a larger brush. That brush is a champ! The quality is so impressive.

Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

- Jim
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