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Critter Pics.


Self Ignored by Vista
I DID NOT TAKE THIS PHOTO! The guy that did, got some kind of award. I just like the pic.
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I've seen that one. Somehow...it looks tooooo perfect. But I don't know.

Anyways...went out and pulled the game cameras from the pasture behind the house today. One of the barn cats (Socks) had to go with me to show me where to jump the "creeks" that are draining the water from the rains here. Thanks Socks...you didn't get underfoot but I could have figured that out myself. Thanks anyway.

99.9% of the 400 plus pics. were of horse's butts as they walked by, and a couple of three shot series of a doe, but did get a three shot series of a 'yote that looks like it has major problems with its right hindquarters. I'd have shot it if I'd seen it. But then I shoot 'yotes and hogs on sight.

These are all that I have on this phone haha. I have other without my ugly face in them on another computer. I will dig them out this weekend.

20150518_232328.jpg IMAG0003-1.jpg 20160709_233725.jpg BpUacITIgAAnk0b.jpg R0011758.jpg 20161106_153514.jpg 20161113_110255.jpg 20170507_142857.jpg