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    I've been seeing dragonflies for a few weeks now, but the numbers are really starting to increase over the last few days. The secret to getting them on your finger is to find one at rest. If they let you get close enough to snap some closeup pics, just put four finger in front of them and they will usually climb right on. Still haven't seen any Monarchs or mantises yet. Can't wait for the mantises they're usually pretty curious, not to afraid, and easy to work with.

    We're right on the edge of the Widow territory, never seen any myself though, and I've looked for them.
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    This cutie was in my wheelbarrow..
    About half a dime sized.
  3. Oh she looks maybe preggers!

    Congrats...bunches and bunches of babies.

  4. Hover fly on Toothache plant bloom. 69F662A4-9A8D-43FD-A5B2-00C7A6441144.jpeg

    These stingless hover flies are real thick here currently...especially in the buffalo grass in bloom, which is full of other fliers as well. I was weeding stray grasses out of the stand, and got stung three times by other bees/wasps yesterday.
  5. Looked out the window a few minutes ago and saw these little monsters walk across the yard and into the weeds at the edge of the pond, then swim across. The .41 mag. was in the safe unloaded, but the camera was handy.

    DSC_0013 (2).JPG

    Wonder where Momma was? Pretty close, I'm sure. That is one thing I DON'T want to run in to while fishing: a 400 pound Momma sow with piglets. The .41 is now loaded with a 230 gr. bear load and real handy. Glad I got the new crossdraw holster a few months ago.

    DSC_0022 (2).JPG

    DSC_0024 (2).JPG

    DSC_0027 (2).JPG

  6. Neighbor dropped by for a snack this afternoon...brought her rugrat with her.

    DSC_0005 (2).JPG

    Came up and visited for a bit, then went back home.

  7. Zoie dropped by again for a the front yard. Didn't see the rugrat...she must have put it down for a nap in the grass. I'm sure it's close.

    DSC_0001 (2).JPG
  8. Zoie is in the back yard right now, grazing on the honeysuckle about 40 yards away. Camera battery is in the charger right now and don't want to bore people with pictures of a common deer. Maybe she'll stay around for awhile...she doesn't seem too disturbed by seeing us. I want her to stay wild though.

    Wife said a wild turkey ran across the road in front of her a few miles down the road from here when she was on the way home tonight.
  9. Great pictures, @simon1.

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  10. Thanks, they are around here all the time but this one seems pretty tame. She even came up and checked out the back porch. She hasn't even put up the white warning flag, even when we are within about 20 yards from her. She doesn't need to become habituated to humans, and I'm definitely not feeding her. She can eat the honeysuckle to get energy for her baby. Honeysuckle is good for them.

    The dragonflies have shown up now, but I haven't seen one light long enough to get a pic. though. They'll be around for awhile.
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    There is a cinnamon phase Black bear about 2 years old prowling the neighborhood..cell phone is not up to getting a good photo of it tho.
    Thankfully it is very wild and takes off with any disturbance.
    Lots of big bear are completely unconcerned with humans in my area unfortunately.
  12. Cat patrol

  13. That is a great picture, Mick.

    I think Zoie has moved in...she's out there every day grazing on the honeysuckle buffet.


    DSC_0001 (2).JPG

    DSC_0008 (2).JPG
  14. I didn't go outside as I didn't want to spook ours, but we've had what looks like a family of deer - a buck, a doe and a fawn - in our back yard every day for the last week. They are eating the mulberries. Took this with all my available digital zoom, so it's not the best quality. 20190715_233306.jpg
  15. Juvenile hoary marmot up a little over 6000’ in Goat Rocks Wilderness. Bold as brass, about 10’ away before it strolled off. It has climbed to the highest point above home in a steep jumble of boulders. I couldn’t convince it to donate a small patch of hair for an experimental brush knot. The old adult males definitely have a ‘high mountain white’ mantle over their shoulders.
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    California rattlesnake
  17. Mowed a 25 acre overgrown field, got a few neat shots. 20190805_155901.jpg 20190812_185352.jpg 20190808_000221.jpg 20190808_000305.jpg
  18. Then there was the kitten...

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