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Critical needs for taming beard/moustache?

I have grown beards off and on for my entire adult life and basically gone with the, "however it comes in is fine with me." Now that I'm in my 40's and going with a quarantine beard, I want it to look nice. (And yes, I recognize the irony that now that no one can see me, I want a nice looking beard. I'm an idiot.)

I bought Honest Amish oil and balm. I towel dry, rub the oil and balm in my beard, then use a basic plastic comb to comb through everything, and that's it.

Is there something else I should be using? I have a ton of gray so it's pretty unruly.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the basic question.
Id recommend getting some kind of beard shampoo. You dont want to use regular shampoo like what you would use on your head because its too harsh. The hair and skin on your face is very different from the hair/skin on the top of your head and normal shampoo will strip the oil too much and leave your beard hair very dry. Im a big fan of Bulldog beard shampoo. Its affordable and it works well. Grave Before Shave makes a good beard shampoo as well.
Id also invest in a better comb. You dont want to use those cheap little plastic molded combs because they have sharp edges between the teeth from when they were popped out of the mild and they will rip the hairs out of your beard.
Get yourself a nice wood comb or a Kent comb. Those are better because they are saw cut and wont have the sharp edges that those cheap little black combs have. You also may want to consider a beard brush for training your beard hairs. Especially when your beard is shorter, a brush can be better because it forces the hairs to lay down in a certain direction. Really, until your beard gets a bit longer, you dont even need a comb. Once it does get longer though, you need a comb instead of a brush because a brush will only get to the top layer of hairs and wont get down to the skin like a comb will.
Learn to trim and shape your beard with a comb and scissors. You can use a hair clipper, but you can get a more creative and flowing shape with comb and scissors.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone, and the offer.

I actually ordered some shampoo, kent comb, and brush so I don't need to take you up on the offer, Zig, but I appreciate it.

I've never trimmed my beard (other than around the mouth) so I'll need to look into that. I have a bushy beard so I'm sure it'll take some trial and error.
Just remember it's much easier to have to go back in and take a little more off than to put a little more back on.

Rusty Blade

Any kind of beard oil will work wonders for a greying beard. I would also recommend getting a horse hair brush. If you can't afford an expensive one, buy a shoe shining brush made from horse hair. It will put a shine on the beard. Seriously.
I came in to recommend a Kent sawcut comb or boar brush and some Honest Amish beard soap, but it sounds like you're already on the right path. As for trimming, I would start with a good all-purpose beard trimmer and starting on a high guard and working your day to a length you like. If it's too long for a trimmer, then you'll want to invest in a good pair of trimming scissors. You can probably find some decent online trimming guides online, but like you said, it's mostly trial and error.

Good luck!