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Criminally Underrated

What is the one soap and/or one cream that you think is a crying shame that they don't get the recognition they deserve?

Soap: Dovo soft soap. The absolute slickest soap I have ever used. Soon after trying the mint, I went and picked up the other two scents, eucalyptus and almond.

Cream: J.M. Frasers. I feel, as do others, that this product is so cheap it turns people off of it. They could sell it in a quarter of their regular sized tube, fancy up the packaging just a little, and charge 3x as much, and then I think people would be ALL OVER this cream. Oh, and like the Dovo, after trying the Polar Ice, I felt compelled to go pick up the regular version.

So let's hear yours. What deserves more attention?
Williams, its cheap and available almost everywhere, and it smells great. It works well too if you follow the 10% rule and are 10% smarter than the stuff you are trying to use.
Sputnik blades, for me. Sharp and with that wonderful Teflon glide . . .

For razors, I'd say a pre-war Tech. Beats the pants off most of my razors. Not all, but most, and in the main rotation with a few others.

Boar brushes.

Stirling soap.

Spieck for scent.
Valobra soft soaps, both the almond and menthol. As well as they perform for me I'm surprised there isn't more chatter about them.
3P is also a great soft soap that doesn't get mentioned much. The almond burned me a bit, but it seems I have sensitive skin. Gave me a great shave, but after that first one it just started burning me. I would say it's very similar to the Valobra soft soap.
Most underrated soap is by far Arko Stick for me. I LOVE the scent and feel, and it is cheap as heck! I'll NEVER be without my Arko!

Cream is a little harder to choose, but Dovo does come to mind...it is the Acca Kappa Blend after-all!

Most underrated blade is Lab Prep - it is the oiled version of Med Prep...at 1/3 the cost!

Most underrated Balm is Prairie Creations Unscented - Krissy makes THE best balm and lotion IMO - good things come to those who wait...she does everything by herself after-all!

To round out my underrated list is my el cheapo Sintetico Omega brush...not nearly as soft as the Muehle STF V2, but makes lather with ANY soap...I shaved last Saturday with Caswell Massey Greenbrier, and got a DFS, two weeks before that I lathered with Howard Johnson's shampoo...I got the brush for $10 shipped from Shoebox...
Proraso Red. The green gets all the lovin' around here. Methinks ol' Red isn't getting a fair shake.
Parker Synthetic brushes. Muhle V.2 gets mentioned a lot around here, but Parker makes an excellent brush for a fraction of the price.
Real Shaving Company, Shaving Cream. Double concentrated, neutral scent, easy to lather, cheap and highly underrated.
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