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Crema sapone Cella from Olivia

I ordered 200 grams of the Cella from Olivia (scroll to bottom of the page), but there was a mix-up and I got just 100 grams. (I've requested a credit through PayPal, which is how I paid.)

It smells very interesting and I can't wait to try it. It's the consistency of warm candle wax, and you get it in a blob (wrapped in plastic). You can then squish it down into any cup or bowl: "Matches any mug," as it says. I haven't tried it yet. Because of the consistency, it's more like a soap than a cream: "Semi solid Cream Soap with an almond note." You can also get it unscented, but...
Ah! This soap is wonderful, it lathers so nicely, it smells great, (I love the bitter almond scent) and it leaves the skin feeling very soft, clean, and cool. I think you'll love it too.


When did you order and subsequently receive these ? I ordered some back on July 4 (paid the same day) and have yet to receive anything. Since I too reside in the Bay Area the tranist time should be roughly the same for both of us.

I ordered it on 10 July and received it 19 July. Not bad. And she promptly refunded the 4 euros overpay. Haven't tried the soap yet, but will soon. She also enclosed a sample of the olive oil soap.
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