Creepy Crawlies!

Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by troy, May 26, 2018.

  1. troy

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    A couple shots of Chinese Mantis.
    P1050950(r1).jpg P1050910(r2rs).jpg P1060013(r1).jpg
  2. oc_in_fw

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  3. troy

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    Yes they are. It's a good thing we're as big as we are, its definitely a bug eat bug world out there!
  4. oc_in_fw

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    Very true. I said the same thing when I had a cat. Yeah, they can be nice, but, sometimes when they look at you, you’re glad they don’t weigh 50 pounds. :)

    On edit: mantises have such symmetry.
  5. troy

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    I think you're right there. At least the bug would do it for food. The cat would do it, because they're bored.
  6. WarrenB

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    Love the mantis silhouette with the jaws showing @troy!
  7. troy

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    Thanks Warren!
  8. @troy if you haven't seen it, the Fall 2018 issue of Popular Science has a good number of extreme bug closeups featured, very cool pictures.
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  9. The last one reminds me of a story my son tells, of the time he was on his bicycle and a deerfly landed on his arm. He was going over some rough terrain so he could not risk letting go of the handle bar with one hand to swat it. Then suddenly a large dragonfly (possibly a whitetail skimmer) zoomed in, grabbed the deerfly, and flew off with it before he got bitten.
  10. troy

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    Thanks for the tip Dave, I'll have to try to check that out.

    Great story John, thanks for sharing!
    When I took that I was working on my van, and he just flew up and landed right there almost in my way. I went inside grabbed the camera, and got a few pics. Then I got him onto my finger to get it out in better light. He actually sat there while I walked into the house to show my wife, then I put him in the bushes snapped a few more pics and he flew off. Almost like he heard that I take pics of bugs and he wanted his taken.
  11. image.jpg

    Not the sharpest of images, taken with an older iPod touch, but it's what I had with me.
    I had seen this a year ago on an alder bush, and thought it was some kind of fungus. This year I looked it up and it turns out to be a lot of Woolly Aphids.
    Individually they're kind of cute, as insects go. The fuzz is some kind of waxy stuff that they secrete.
  12. troy

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    Very cool, I would have thought that was a fungus too. I'll have to start looking closer, next time I see a fungus. Thanks for posting!
  13. oc_in_fw

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    There’s a fungus among us.
  14. Older photo but still applies. This guy hitched a ride on one of us or the dog and was found crawling on the wall inside. A male (one of genus Dermacentor I believe) thankfully so no bite worry. I'm not a macro wizard and ticks are also incredibly small, so it's not the best shot but I still like it.

  15. troy

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    Nice shot!
    Ticks are tiny, but very creepy!
  16. Thanks!

    Mostly all the diseases they can carry...
  17. Not so creepy or crawler but insect and they're sneaking inside now.

    Moth and ghost + moth alone...

    //////////////////// IMG_E1609_B&Bsize600.jpg

    //////////////////./// IMG_E1631_B&Bsize600.jpg
  18. troy

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    Nice ones Dave! I've seen a lot of tiny moths this year, but none of the big ones yet.

    Took me a minute to see the ghost. It wasn't until I looked away then back again that I saw it.
  19. These bugs just won't pose for you properly, they want to keep moving when you have to jam the camera up against them to get a picture. - ipod Touch.

    /////////////// file4-2_B&Bsize600.jpg

    /////////////// file-15_B&Bsize600.jpg
  20. troy

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    Nice antis Dave! Looks like It's got its full wings and is ready to breed. I think it's a green color morph of a Chinese mantis. I've seen many more brown ones than green around here, but there has been a green one hanging around my shed the last few days. The best easiest way to tell the Chinese from the European is the Chinese have a striped face.

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