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Creepy Crawlies!

I rescued this little girl (or maybe juvenile boy Pondhawk) from the pool filter today. I though it was dead when I pulled it out of the skimmer box, then I thought I saw a slight movement. I laid it out as flat and upright as I could then left it to dry. A half hour or so latter it was struggling to get to it's feet, so I moved it to some weeds to hang more naturally to finish drying. P1320963.JPG P1320982.JPG
They're all pretty safe around here too. Black Widows and Brown Recluses are said the be around here, but I've never seen any or know anyone who's been bitten.
Both are common in Oklahoma. I was bitten by a recluse when I was 18. I’ve still got the dent in my arm from it. It took over a year to heal. Black widows are more rare. I was 65 before I saw my first one up close and personal. Needless to say she didn’t survive the encounter.
Look out behind you!

My flash didn't fire on the frame I hit focus so I was left with a pretty grainy and underexposed shot. I felt the crab spider added enough interest to try to save the shot. (I actually didn't even notice the spider until I was reviewing after the fact, or I would have tried harder to get it right in camera) After a lot of playing around in light room here's what I got.
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