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Creed - Green Irish Tweed

So my wife bought me a bottle of Green Irish Tweed for Xmas :w00t: . Its Eau de Parfum so a little goes a long way.

My fav current cologne is Chanel Platinum Egoiste and many people have said that they have similar scents but i have to say it does smell a heck of a lot better. Its not just the price talking. My wife kept coming up to me and sniffing me all day. Projection is actually very good she didnt even have to come close.

I always get compliments from random women (and men!) when i wear Chanel Platinum Egoiste. I can only imagine this will make an even better impression.
Just picked up my first bottle yesterday. I bought a 4 oz tester from Fragrancenet. I got a sample of it from Neiman Marcus when I was doing my Xmas shopping and I really liked it so I took the plunge. Looking forward to delivery!
I like it a lot, and have nearly finished a big bottle.

But can't say I've ever had positive comment from wearing it. In fact, one day I just had a sample spray on my wrist and a woman in the office thought it was terrible - said it reminded her of a Doctor's surgery. I guess her Doctor must have worn it.
I love it as well.
Had the shaving soap but got rid of it after a while as I had other soaps that I liked and found that I neglected too much (especially MdC). Wouldn't mind a puck of it any time again...
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