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Creed GIT & Pecksniffs Fougere one in the same?


As I wore some Pecksniffs Fougere today, I kept catching wiff after wiff of it - which reminded me of something... I just plumb couldn't put my finger on it. Then whilst trapsing thru Cost Plus looking for a clear glass tea cup of decent size, it hit me like a train - CREED GREEN IRISH TWEED. Well I hurried home and gave the GIT a wiff.....yep - bingo, they are strikingly similar scents! The GIT has a bit more "high" notes, but in my opinion their dry down is about 90% similiar, save for me much prefering the more "masculine" Pecksniffs Fougere.

If you are a GIT fan - but not keen on the absurd price, go find a bottle of Pecksniffs Fougere, and I think you will be delightfully pleased!
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