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Creed Cologne Question


So... I ended up getting the super duper extra large Xmas sampler Cologne set. Here is the commentary so far in order of single blind empirical testing. Testing intervals for each are a few minutes later, 30 minutes and a few hours later. Commentary is from my wife as transcribed by me.

Aventus Cologne (the cologne): OMG that is good. That is really good. I can see why people love this. Its really good. (Positive feedback throughout the day). Probably you should buy this and stick close by.
Aventus : Its lighter but still really good. I see why people pay good money for this brand.
GIT: So good. You probably should be smoking a Cigar while wearing this (this is a compliment in our household). Its great. Always great.
Millesime Imperial - You smell like a woman.
Royal Oud - You smell like an old man.
Original Santal - Rinse that off immediately. You smell like an old woman! Where is your handbag old lady?
Check out sites like FragranceNet for Creed and other colognes at a much more reasonable price. I've bought from them several times before and the products were legit.
I own three Creeds: Bois Du Portugal, Irish Tweed, Neroli Sauvage.

My go to is Irish Tweed and most women compliment me on this fragrance but Bois Du Portugal is my personal favorite. In my humble opinion Creed is my favorite Fragrance house. Floris would be number 2. I would personally stick with purchasing from Nordstrom’s or an authorized retailer. I don’t trust the second hand retailer is because you may be getting a counterfeit. I’m not saying it’s the case but I wouldn’t take the risk of you extending that much cash for a top-Shelf Fragrance. Just to save a couple dollars. That’s just my personal opinion.
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