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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by AnimalCatcher, Jan 30, 2019.

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    I went through the Ebay seller mentioned above in the previous posts in this thread. I believe his name is Mr. Twiggy.
  2. Facebook groups have the best prices around. A 100 ml decant of the real thing can be had for around $145-155 shipped. Just bought one from a reputable guy in one of the groups. Worth it if you ask me. Save up a few extra $$ and cost becomes comparable to a designer fragrance from Macy's.

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  3. I just want to thank you for the link to Mr. Twiggy on Ebay. Before I started reading post in this sub-forum I never knew the world of decants existed. I didn't order Avantus but did pick up some GIT and Bois du Portugal.
  4. Ordered 30ml Avantus yesterday off the bay, can't wait to try it!
  5. I have a bottle of Insurrection II Pure, it's really good, but it's a EDT (longevity is an issue) women seem to like it, more pineapple in the opening than CDNIM, more Musky than Smokey in the dry down
  6. Thanks for posting this. I usually wear Aventus purchased directly from Creed as none of the clones I tried measured up. I’d been wanting to try Viking but couldn’t find testers locally. I did end up ordering a sample from Creed and really liked it , but wasn’t ready to commit to a full bottle. I ordered 30ml from mr.twiggy based on this thread and am not disappointed. Service was fast, and it’s the real deal. The bottle/sprayer is good quality and the juice matches the sample from Creed to a T. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from him again. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. The wife and i sampled Aventus in Needless Markups at the mall last weekend, and neither of us were impressed. We did, however really like Bois Du Portugal. Thanks to the info in this thread, I ordered samples from the same vendor on the Bay. Figured I'd still like to give Aventus a whirl, so ordered 5 ml. Seems like a lot of folks don't initially "get it". Also have 15 ml of BdP coming, and can't wait to gsee how they behave on my skin. They should be here in two days. Excited.
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    @snowman absolutely, it was my pleasure! While it’s about twice as much as buying in bulk, I feel comfort in knowing I’m getting its the real product at and affordable price for the amount I’m comfortable buying!

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