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    Looking to purchase a 3.3oz bottle of Creed Aventus. Prices range from $179 to over $300. Do I have to worry about 'knockoffs' if purchasing at the lower end. What is the best price from a trusted seller?
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    Stirling has really hit the mark with that one.
    Many folks will tell you that it's very possibly the best Aventus clone on the market.
  2. There are some clones that are pretty darned close that may be worth checking out. If it has to be the real thing, I would shop around the discount sellers like Fragrancenet, Fragrancex, etc. Another option is to find a trusted decanter on the Bay and get a big decant. You'd save a TON of money going that route.
  3. Thank you for all the great advice. I'm going to order some Executive Man and try to get a sample of Creed Aventus.
  4. There are a bunch of fragrance Facebook groups and I find that prices on those groups are very reasonable.
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    nothing at all close to Creed Aventus!!

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  6. Not sure where in RI you are, but if you go to the Nordstrom in the Natick mall in Mass, they will give you a sample.

    Either way, $179 for Aventus would be worth a 375mL bottle if it is legit. I've only ordered one bottle online and the prices were much cheaper than they are now. I think I probably paid $275, but I can't remember.
  7. Glad for this thread, I never have tried any Sterling colognes. I'll have to give that one a try!
    The Creed Aventus I had has run out and now I am using a Russian "Creed Aventus type" knock off which is ok, but not spot on.
    You gotta love those Commies, they have knock off fragrance shops EVERYWHERE, some are better than others for sure....
    Welcome to the party comrades!

    OP Sorry for hijacking your thread lol
  8. Shoot, I meant 120 mL
  9. If you want a perfect clone of Aventus grab Afnan Supremacy Silver off ebay. I've had loads of compliments ;)
  10. Armaf Club de nuit Intense Man is a good clone. About 30us dollars for 3.4oz these days. The top notes are slightly off, I don't get pineapple as a top note but the dry down notes are spot on, so I'm told. Caveat I have never tried Creed. Just passing on information from those who own both.
  11. I used to own CDNIM and initially thought it was a fine clone of Aventus based on side-by-side comparisons with Aventus. After a thorough testing I changed my mind and I could not in good conscience recommend CDNIM. In the end I gave my bottle of CDNIM to a 13 yo. As has been suggested get a 10ml decant of Aventus if you have a strong itch for it. Frankly, there are a lot of other great fragrances outside of the Aventus bubble that one would like as well or better for less money. I rarely wear Aventus although I'm glad to have it when I want it.
  12. Don't forget.... L'Aventure Al Haramain

    I had a bottle of this a few years ago and it was almost a dead ringer for The King-Aventus.

  13. you can order samples directly from creed online, - pick 3 different scents for 33 bucks. i tried some a few months ago and they're a great way to get an idea of what real creed is supposed to smell like before you take the plunge on a bottle or start trying clones . you'll get around 20 - 25 squirts out of each vial, so maybe around 5 days/nights of using each one, depending on how heavy a spritzer you are.

    here's a link to their samples - Customizable Sampler Set
  14. I mean, one shot of Aventus is plenty. I usually like 2 or 3 for other colognes, but Aventus is pretty overpowering.
  15. I'm glad you mentioned this one. I've read that this was suppose to be one of the best smelling clones. I've been thinking about grabbing a bottle just to find out myself how good it really is. In reality the smell of Aventus is a moving target anyway since different batches smell differently.
  16. I have been complimented multiple times with the Armaf. I mean multiple times - just fwrvit on Amazon- and the on me - thanking me for my advice. It is the closest clone - period.
  17. Out of the clones I've tried, Armaf and L'aventure are the closest.

    About knock offs, yes you do have to keep that in mind, there are a bunch of fakes online. I don't think you'll have problems with long time discounters like Fragrancenet but that's just my opinion, and so far I trust their offerings.
  18. I can personally tell you that Stirling Executive Man is excellent. I haven't smelled Aventus yet, but EM is extremely good in itself. I have also heard good things about Insurrection II Pure.

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