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Creams in the Soap forum?!

You read correctly folks. Eschewing the usual us/them stereotype of soaps and creams, @cvargo, the Steward in the Soap forum is adding a week of creams to June theme month. If you've never joined in on a Theme week it's a fun way to rotate through some of the possibly enormous stockpile of shaving products that some of us seem to accumulate, as well as a good way to get to know some of the other members here. You might also find a new product to try.

Head on over and join in. You can find the thread Here.
I wish I had enough product to participate, but, I have a very modest shave den still.

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You don't need to have a boatload of soaps or creams to participate. You can always use what you have and just go part of the week.
All are welcome. And yes like Eric said. Let's bridge the gap between which is better Soap or Cream.... Even if you use Creams all month and want to play along in the Themes all are welcome. We just like to see pictures of your SOTD!


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I don't think there's a consensus - at least with makers - about what's a cream and what's a soap. I've bout 'soap' that was cream-in-a-tube soft, and 'cream' (I Coloniali Mango comes to mind) that was as hard as any triple milled soap there is.

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