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Cream Noob - What should I try?

I own and use several creams, Castle Forbes, Truefitt & Hill, TOBS, Trumper's, and Proraso. I like them all and get good results with all of them. I say just find something that sounds interesting to you and give it a try. If you take a chance on a scent and don't like it, you probably won't have too hard of a time selling or trading it for something else. If you can find a place that sells samples of some brands, like Maggard Razors, you can try a few without investing in a whole tub.

For the best bang for your buck, it's hard to beat the price and performance of Proraso. (Or C.O. Bigelow from Bath & Body Works.)
Proraso green in the tube is fantastic. But the tobs sampler is fun because you get 12 different scents to play around with for around 20 bucks. Hard to beat!
I'm new at this, but have tried a trial size of Castle Forbes—and it's excellent. Will be purchasing a full mug (but, Holy Cow, is it ever expensive!).

Tried DR Harris Marlborough today. Lovely fragrance, lots of lather, OK performance, and seemingly no moisturizer. Won't be purchasing a full container.

Bought a full-size Kent soap. Love it. It's got tallow, and I find it really moisturizing.

I think I might prefer soaps to creams...but I'm just getting going, so lots of experimenting to do yet.
Vulfix shaving creams are outstanding performers. I have tried most of the others mentioned in this thread and would rate Vulfix higher based on performance.
Another musgo fan here! Also you can try arko creams, i like extra sensitive (lavender scent) and ice mint (menthol). Not the best performers but great for given price. Tobs avocado is a great performer also, if you like the scent you will also enjoy the lathet it creates with marco method.
Alright, I'm confused by this. On the jar, it's says "crema", on Amazon it lists this as a "cream", and it even looks like a cream when the you take the lid off but you guys are saying its a soap? What gives? The product I'm referring to is this:
Cella Shaving Creme Bowl 150gr https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002Y1451S/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_0vhTub0FQ963G
Yes that is a valid question, and one that perhaps others can answer a bit better than me, however, basically Cella is a very soft soap, it's referred to as a cream by some websites as it's very cream like in its texture, it's just a bit 'chewier' (lol!) than cream. It literally feels like clay, it's mouldable. So you could scoop a bit out I suppose and lather like a cream, although you're better off using Marco's method loading straight on the Cella itself.
Because it's such a hybrid of cream and 'soap', it gets referred to as 'Croap'. There are other Italian soaps that get categorised in such fashion.
If I personally HAD TO pick if it's just a soap, or just a cream, I would guess I'd have to say 'cream' as it's much softer than soap, very cream like, but it's not like your usual creams, hence the 'Croap' title it gets.
I hope this helps a little bit at least!
Crown Shaving Cream, you can thank me later. It doesn't get much attention here, it's pricey but great. You can buy it from WCS.

Got a sample size and tried it. Superb. One of the best, actually. Will be getting the big tub. Bought a bottle of their pre-shave as well. Superb. Their after shave tonic seems really good. Tried a wee dab in the store.
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