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Cream Noob - What should I try?

Nivea sensitive. Both the cream and the store bought gel. Their gel is not canned goo, so far from it actually. I find it better than the cream and even better than most high end soaps and creams Ive tried along the way.
I would suggest you do what I did and order a sample pack of many different creams to get a feel for what works for you.

If you want a sandalwood cream, Trumpers does it better than Taylor of Old Bond. And if you want almond, Taylor of Old Bond does it better than DR Harris. (IMHO, of course.)
If you're happy with what you're doing, and just want to experiment, I'd go with something cheap but decent..proraso or Nivea.
i have a TOBS as well, but really don't think it's anything special unless you're a fan of the scent.
I would go straight for the best product, which for me is Castle Forbes. Pricey, but extremely efficient in use! Personally I adore the lavender scented version, but the lime's not bad either.
+1,000 I think CF is only pricey at check out time. It requires such a small amount of product (and comes in such a large tub) that the price averages out over the long run.
Proraso is the best value out there. Nothing is quite like the green, it's pretty unique. Even if/when you progress to other more expensive brands, many keep the Proraso Green as part of their stash.
Some great recommendations from everyone. One of my particular favorites is Bluebeards Revenge (sold as Dreadnought in the USA)
TOBS Sandalwood, for me, is excellent. Nice smell and works very well.

Id recommend Arko Soap aswell, even though its not a cream, its not much effort use.
Yeh it's technically a soft soap. I just thought I'd mention it as some people and places regard it (and other soft soaps) as a type of 'cream', but yes it's a soft soap.
Alright, I'm confused by this. On the jar, it's says "crema", on Amazon it lists this as a "cream", and it even looks like a cream when the you take the lid off but you guys are saying its a soap? What gives? The product I'm referring to is this:
Cella Shaving Creme Bowl 150gr https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002Y1451S/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_0vhTub0FQ963G
try the inexpensive creams that have been around for a long time
barbon from shave-a-buck. smells awesome
la toja
godrej from india is actually pretty good
I looooove speick
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