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Crazy experiment?

OK, I am about to try my next shaving experiment, but this one has me a bit worried. I had all my razors in the scrubbing bubbles soak today, and I noticed a small patch of whiskers I missed on my chin. I had a Feather ready to load in one of my razors once it was clean. Well... I took a dab of cream and picked up the blade by the edges, and easily cleaned the errant whiskers off my chin. I noticed that I got A LOT of tactile feedback by holding the blade directly, and had no problems maintaining blade angle. I think tomorrow, I am gioing to try shaving with a DE blade sans razor. I am going to do it in the evening when I have plenty of time, and have styptic and possibly a bag of O+ on hand. Have any of you heard of shaving with just a DE blade?:w00t:
No, never heard of that. Kinda takes the safety out of safety razor. Be sure you are sober before you try that.

Dude - I say NO, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

that's just asking for trouble.

I used a shvette, DE blade snapped in half.

I took off skin like a banana peel along my jaw line. I had been drinking, but still...


You could cut your face AND your fingers...
I'm all over experimentation, but dude, you are one brave man!

Forget about possible cuts to the face - think of your hands! One guy just posted pics of a mangled finger from REMOVING a blade from his razor.

I think bringing a styptic pencil to this situation will be like bringing a BB gun on an elephant hunt.

Buy yourself a shavette.
I've gotta say that I've never heard of using a blade in this manner for shaving, but then if it works for you who are we to say that you're wrong? I wonder if this is just a one time thing, and next time you come away looking like you've been through a wringer? Good luck if you intend to keep doing this. :001_rolle
I saw a documentary about some tribes in Africa. What they would do when someone wanted to shave their head, or cut some hair off was to use a DE blade without a razor. To me it looked like if i tried it i would have to make a trip to the hospital, but that old man was shavin hair off like it was butter.
Get yourself a Feather AC !!! No reason NOT to do what you wish, but why not do it with style and a proven tool ?
I figure is the best time to try, all weekend to recor=ver if I have a major screw-up. The reason I want to try with just the blade is that I felt EVERY whisker snick off, like I had perfect control (much better than a straight). I will post afterwards tooo let you guys know the results.
I don't have a video camera, but I will let you guys know the blow by blow tomorrow, now this is the last time I am looking at this thread until the deed is done, so i don't get scared! Cheers!
Dibs on his stuff.

Also, it seems like you could dull one of the blades so you wouldn't cut your fingers.
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