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Crazy ATT Above the Tie Black Friday 50% Off

Same here, pulled plug on my first ATT and first SE that takes large Feather blades. Waiting on Atlas SE1 Single Edge and blades.
Man I just spent 150.00 on a Karve set up CDE plates and I think I overshot for my taste on the plates, The B is probably for me. So I had been tempted at first to set up a 5 piece set up here but just went with the Atlas M1 instead. Bad timing on my part.
Bought an H1 with Kronos handle and H2 with Atlas. Will most likely decide which head and handle I prefer and sell off the other razor. Maybe keep both base plates, while selling the extra cap and handle. Heck, maybe I'll not like either and sell both. Or not be able to live without both and keep 'em forever. :crazy:

Either way, Stan's a great guy. Was super helpful in helping me figure out which was the right razor to buy. Of course it goes without saying that I bought both! :07:
So i have been doing a ton of research over the past 2 hours and went with the SE1 and SE2 in Stainless with the Atlas handle. I have been a DE shaver for the last 10 years+ but never tried a single edge. From what I have been reading the 50% gave me a reason to give it a go. I also purchased the p-30 blades that everyone seems to rave about. Crossing the fingers that this thing is going to replace all of my DE Razors!
I wish I could indulge in this phenomenal deal. I've been adding and deleting items from my online cart all night. My concionse won't let me spend the money....yet, and I'm still waiting for my Karve to arrive.

Tough times!

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