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Cranial Flatulence Raises It's Ugly Head

Being color blind, near sighted and half senile, I decided to touch up my favorite Henkles. I grabbed the water stones and go to work. I like to go back to 5k Shapton Pro if I see any weird stuff going on. The razor was falling off where I wanted it to be so I grabbed the 5K and gave it the dickens. Man, this was taking longer than I thought should, but I persisted and removed the artifacts on the apex I was after. I went to grab the 8K, when I realized that's what I was using. Okay, I'll try this and went to 12K and and Ark after. Shaving nirvana....usually. I kinda just put it out of my mind. It will be okay.

MMmm, sharp razor is good. Nice feel of hairs being cut cleanly...But it started to lose it's perfectness by the end of the first shave. Second shave was bad. I'm freaking out, having forgotten about the 8K thing. I looking at the apex and going thru weird causes in my head. No, it's never been restored so it isn't heat damage. It's never been rusted so it's not steel rot. Then I remembered the 8K. It's the only logical explanation. The razor has been a true friend and extremely good shaver in the past

Looks like I created some kind of weak, foil edge on the dang thing, that failed after one good shave. I've had similar troubles before, over honing on 8K and 12K stones. I'm mostly over that now, when I have my wits about me. The blade looked really beat up under magnification so I did a full bevel set and progression. I bet I fixed it. We'll see tonight....
Only thing for it. Reset the edge, start over, get distracted in the middle of the honing session forget where you were in the progression skip a step and get stuck when the edge doesn't seem to be finishing (cause you missed a step!). Suddenly realize you wife is mad at you because she asked you to do something and you've been playing with your stones again and not listening for the last two hours. Completely stop honing the razor and go take out trash, mow lawn, paint, or whatever your wife wanted you to do. Next time you shave wonder why you're razor isn't shaving and decide it needs honing! Vicious cycle!
Well, I'm not color blind but stuff like that can still happen so.....

Yup, looks like mine. That's where the senile part plays in......... maybe I should add a few more locations....
I read these words and felt a sense of camaraderie. The odds are stacked against us, friend.

I fully expect to put some Proraso (white) shave cream on my toothbrush one day. I'm not looking forward to it...

I managed this a few months ago, and the only mitigating circumstance I can plead was being a bit hungover.

Luckily I caught it from the smell before putting in my mouth, otherwise I would've been an even more unhappy bunny than I was already that morning.
Here's one from today. If you have a trans ark, and one side is finished, and the other side isn't, don't hone on the unfinished side. No excuse, either, there's a helpful arrow and everything. 🤣 Only took a couple strokes to figure that out.
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