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Couple of Sheffield razors in dark to light horn

Had some free time over Christmas period. One by unfamiliar makers "Bradshaw & Gee" liked the shape and cleaned up a treat. The other by the more familiar "Frederick Reynolds" also cleaned up nicely I left a few spots which I think adds character to an old razor. The only trouble now how do you guys decide which ones you keep and which ones do you more on. I always seem to want to keep them all.
Both of them are fantastic looking. Do you have a picture of the square ended one open? It has the blade closed in all of the pictures. I'd have a hard time letting these beauties go.
WOW!!! Does anyone know where I can get a coule of sets of horn like these? WOW!!!:001_tt1: I would like to try my hand at the $10 razor challenge. :)
The scales on that Bradshaw are really sweet. The "fire" effect in between the light and dark halves is just over the top... love it. :thumbup1:
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