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Couple of Restos

I read the Resto sticky one day, and decided that it would be the best way of getting a very nice badger on a budget. So I got some old brushes and went to town.

The two big ones are Silvertip, and the little one is Pure. They all came from TGN.

I took a pic of all three with my Omega Pro in the background to show a size comparison. Enjoy.
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Paul, nice work!!!

I did a few brushes with knots from The Golden Knib a couple of months ago. You are correct, it is a good way to get some nice brushes on a budget.

Thanks guys. This took much less time than I had expected it to take. I got all three done in less than an hour. One of the Silvers is for one of my room mates, but the other two are for me. another of my roomies is jealous, and is planning on doing the same thing. I highly reccommend doing it.
They look great. I am going to give this a whirl one of these days. This has been an often discussed project recently and I suppose the price on ebay for old brushes is going up accordingly but still a way to get a nice brush at a reasonable price and have a sense of satisfaction about it too.
Yep, those look really nice. I've been meaning to do that but just been enjoying my new Shavemac too much at the moment...:biggrin:
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