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Couple of new-old Gillette - looking for opinion from people who know more than me.

24mm work fine to re-knot, that's what I have in the aftermarket ferrule in the background.
They are a bit tough to wiggle in, and it results in more backbone, especially the deeper you set the knot.
Красавицы .... Но , если хозяин пользуется открытым клинком , будут ли ему интересны эти игрушки ? :прямой:
Thanks everyone for great comments. Still cannot decide what to do with them 😂
I know what they are now at least.
The cased RFB has a higher resale value but for me the Single Ring is a far superior razor. Along with the English Goodwill, the Single Ring is the best of the Gillette razors I have tried. That said, I would keep them both.
it seems you are learning the collecting algebra of how many x (razors in this case) are enough. X=S+1 or X=N-1. S being the number you have now and N being the number of items that would cause divorce.
I never realized the RFB was a two-piece razor. It looks awkward to screw together. Is the tightening mechanism all the way in the bottom of the handle?
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