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FS Couple of Gem razors and blades

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I found these two at a local antique shop, and couldn't resist. After ordering an assortment of blades, and inserting one into each razor, I was terrified at the thought of actually using them.

The razors show their age and use. Some plating loss and scuffs on the cap of the MMOC, though the gold one appears to be in very good condition. Both appear to be mechanically sound, but i can't be sure as I'm too chicken to find out if they perform properly

Sale includes the two razors and assortment of Gem and Pal blades (4 of each, 16 total) as shown in pictures.

I'd like to get my "investment" back, so I'm asking $30 shipped via Flat Rate Priority Mail (small box) anywhere in the US. Sorry, no international sale. PayPal G&S only.

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