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Couple first for me , butterscotch & Fan

my birthday is in Jan and I've always wanted a nice butterscotch brush , and I have some bulbs and never owned a fan , with Rudy building me a brush already in the limited build , I decided on the bulb with that brush

With this brush , I'm going with a fan , 24 mm in two band silvertip , all solid butterscotch , and a matching razor stand ,

He finished the pour yesterday and they just came out of the mold this morning , the colour is just what I was hoping for

That is awesome! Great Happy Birthday to yourself :)
And matching razor stand sounds cool. Look forward to finished pics.
Lovely color!! Thanks for the ‘in progress’ photos. :a14::a14:

PLEASE keep us posted once you get the finished product!
I will show you updated pictures as he builds my brush and matching razor stand , to say I'm excited is a understatement ,

I've always like the nice big Simpson butterscotch brushes for looks , and other makes in that colour , I've tried to find one and it seems I'm always a day late

So this way , I also get to pick out a pattern for the handle that is also one of my favourites for looks , we just added a little more height to it

And Ive never used a fan brush , this will be interesting for me as I've always used a bowl and I still might with this fan brush ,
Rudy just sent me these pictures this morning

The cutting and trimming has begun on my butterscotch brush & stand ,
The fan sure looks good , the stand is going to be for drilled to size to hold up a black Gillette super 109 ,
I'm thinking the black and fan will really pop out for looks against the colour of the butterscotch

Should be all done in a couple days
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