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Country Gent shave soap

Has anyone tried this (heavenlyharvest.com)? Seems like it might be worth giving it a shot. Thanks

Oh yes , what a coincident I found out about these products this weekend.
Im going for the Thayers Witch Hazel and also the tooth powder and the aftershave lotion the lotion sells 45% lower on ebay compaired to their price the hazel is same price. didnt know they had an official site aswell.

As noted, HeavenlyHarvest will attempt to take care of your spiritual needs, not your toilettries.:wink: The Toothpaste Lady and her hubby will help you at Heavenly Harvest Inc. I enjoy the shaving soap. It's a bit on the light side, but the goats milk and fragrances make for a very pleasant shave. The 1850ish period shaving tin is a hoot and fun to use. The shave bracer/tonic is very pleasant and can tame the vagaries of a wild ride with a Feather.
A note worth mentioning, if SWMBO has long hair to comb, HeavenlyHarvestInc has some really nice hand-carved horn combs at a very reasonable price too. For those of you that are wary of SLS, HeavenlyHarvestInc has some remarkable SLS-free toothpaste.

Morning FUN pack:
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I REALLY like the aftershave "lotion" that Ron has pictured. It is incredibly soothing. Apparently there is some alcohol in it, but you can't feel it at all. It is very gentle, very soothing, and has a pleasant citrusy scent that all but goes away within a few minutes. So, don't buy this thinking that this will be your scent for the day.

I'm going to pass on the shaving soap, however.

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